15 July 2009

A Few Weinstein Titles for October

The Weinstein Company announced the release of Gilles Bourdos' Afterwards, which made its premiere at last year's Toronto International Film Festival and stars Romain Duris, Evangeline Lilly and John Malkovich, for 27 October, skipping a theatrical release altogether. They also announced Philippe Calderon's nature documentary The Besieged Fortress [La citadelle assiégée] for 6 October. There were three or so other films with generic titles and no alternate information from them set for October, so I'll let you know which ones those are when I find out. Their Dragon Dynasty label will also have Jacob Cheung's Battle of the Warriors, better known as the less macho A Battle of Wits everywhere else, on 8 September. And, for more eastern action, Kino is releasing Jeffrey Lau's Chinese Odyssey 2002, which stars Tony Leung, Faye Wong, Chang Chen and Zhao Wei, on 6 October.

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