13 July 2009

DVD Update, 13 July

Not a totally exciting list, but here's what's been announced recently, in descending order of release.


- Sleep Dealer, 2008, d. Alex Rivera, Maya Releasing, also on Blu-ray, 8 September
- Marelene, 1984, d. Maximilian Schell, Kino, 6 October
- Made in France [Origine contrôlée], 2001, d. Ahmed Bouchaala, Zakia Tahri, Synkronized USA, 13 October, w. Ronit Elkabetz
- Black Rain, 1989, d. Shohei Imamura, AnimEigo, 20 October
- Fados, 2007, d. Carlos Saura, Zeitgeist, 20 October
- Born of Fire, 1983, d. Jamil Dehlavi, Mondo Macabro, 27 October, w. Peter Firth
- Graveyard Disturbance [Una notte al cimitero], 1987, d. Lamberto Bava, MYA Communication, 27 October


- The Exorcist, 1973, d. William Friedkin, Warner, 8 September
- Easy Rider, 1969, d. Dennis Hopper, Sony, 13 October
- Heat, 1995, d. Michael Mann, Warner, 10 November

Some Changes

The Blu-rays of Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead have been upped to 22 September. Jeremiah Zagar's In a Dream will now be out 29 September. The Blu-ray of sex, lies and videotape has been pushed to 15 September. The news about a release of the theatrical version of Grindhouse on DVD and Blu-ray was bogus. Shout! Factory will also release a 2-disc Collector's Edition of Audition on DVD in addition to the Blu-ray on 7 October. And finally, Kino's I Can See You and The Viewer will now be out 27 October instead of in September.

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