03 September 2009

Bardot and some other DVDs I forgot to mention...

I must have somehow overlooked a box-set Image is releasing of 3 Brigitte Bardot flicks, under the name The Brigitte Bardot Classic Collection. The set includes three previously released Home Vision titles (are more to come? I sure hope so since HVE stopped putting out DVDs around the time Criterion introduced their Eclipse series): Roger Vadim's The Night Heaven Fell [Les bijoutiers du clair de lune], Marc Allégret's Plucking the Daisy [En effeuillant la marguerite] and Vadim's Don Juan; or If Don Juan Were a Woman [Don Juan ou Si Don Juan était une femme...], Bardot's final film.

A few other DVD announcements that rolled by since my last post: the complete series of The Shield from Fox on 3 November; Michael Mann's Public Enemies on 10 November from Universal; and Blu-rays of Cujo and My Bloody Valentine, the original film in its director's cut, from Lionsgate on 24 November.

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