17 September 2009

Vice Magazine interviews Lars von Trier

Leave it to Vice to conduct my favorite interview thusfar with our old pal Lars von Trier. Henrik Saltzstein gets some great shit out of LvT: complications with Willem Dafoe's dick double, pill-popping, Björk writing a letter to Nicole Kidman telling her not to do Dogville, gardening and the woes of having liberal parents. For more fun, check out the rest of Vice's Film Issue, with a cover by Christopher Doyle and interviews with Werner Herzog, Spike Jonze, the Kuchar brothers, Doyle, Anthony Dod Mantle, Ross McElwee, Gaspar Noé, Dario Argento, Jack Bond, Terry Gilliam, Les Blank and a photospread of Natasha Lyonne (??) by Richard Kern (!!).


Anonymous said...

"Oh yeah, Horst. He was this porn actor we were using for close-ups in the ejaculation scene. He got jacked off for 15 minutes and none of us could understand why he couldn’t cum. Turns out he was just waiting for us to cue him. My bad, I guess."

~ Lars von Trier.

Joe said...

Horst sounds like a serious professional.