25 September 2009

More Foreign Oscar Submissions

7 more countries have announced their selection for the Foreign Language Oscar. In a surprise move, Portugal did not select either João Pedro Rodrigues' To Die Like a Man [Morrer Como Um Homem] or Manoel de Oliveira's Eccentricities of a Blonde-haired Girl [Singularidades de uma Rapariga Loira], but instead Doomed Love [Um Amor de Perdição], directed by one of de Oliveira's regular cinematographers, Mário Barroso. Denmark chose Henrik Ruben Genz's Terribly Happy [Frygtelig lykkelig], which Oscilloscope picked up earlier this year.

Bolivia: Zona sur, d. Juan Carlos Valdivia
Denmark: Terribly Happy [Frygtelig lykkelig], d. Henrik Ruben Genz, Oscilloscope Pictures
Luxembourg: Réfractaire [Draft Dodgers], d. Nicolas Steil
Mexico: El traspatio [Backyard], d. Carlos Carrera
Philippines: Ded na si Lolo, d. Soxy Topacio
Portugal: Um Amor de Perdição [Doomed Love], d. Mário Barroso
Slovakia: Nedodrzaný slub [Broken Promise], directed by Jirí Chlumský, Picture This! Entertainment

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