17 September 2009

Criterion Delays and Other Announcements

Nothing terribly exciting in the way of new DVD announcements, but here it is anyway. They are in descending order of release date. The Criterion date changes are below, with the only new items being Blu-rays of Gimme Shelter and A Christmas Tale. Also, a word to the (Blu-ray owning) wise: DVDTimes claims that the Studio Canal Blu-ray collection arriving on 28 September appear to not be Region B locked, so those upset about the cancellations of Criterion's Le mépris and Ran, get 'em imported. The other titles in the collection include The Lost Honor of Katharina Blum, The Deer Hunter, Belle de jour, L'année dernière à Marienbad and The Elephant Man.

- The Cove, 2009, d. Louie Psihoyos, Lionsgate, 8 December
- The First Saturday in May, 2007, d. Brad Hennegan, John Hennegan, E1 Distribution, 8 December
- Runaway, 2005, d. Tim McCann, E1 Distribution, 8 December, w. Mark Webber, Robin Tunney
- Slam-Bang, 2009, d. Mark Lebenon, Cinema Epoch, 8 December
- This Beautiful City, 2007, d. Ed Gass-Donnelly, Cinema Epoch, 8 December
- World's Greatest Dad, 2009, d. Bobcat Goldthwait, Magnolia, 8 December
- The Girl from Monaco [La fille de Monaco], 2008, d. Anne Fontaine, Magnolia, 15 December
- Blind Date, 2007, d. Stanley Tucci, E1 Distribution, 22 December, w. Tucci, Patricia Clarkson
- The House of the Devil, 2009, d. Ti West, Magnolia/MPI, also on Blu-ray, 22 December
- Staten Island, 2009, d. James DeMonaco, National Entertainment Media/E1, also on Blu-ray, 22 December

New Criterion Release Dates

- Monsoon Wedding, 2001, d. Mira Nair, DVD and Blu-ray, 20 October
- Howards End, 1992, d. James Ivory, Blu-ray, 3 November
- Wings of Desire [Der Himmel über Berlin], 1987, d. Wim Wenders, DVD and Blu-ray, 3 November
- A Christmas Tale [Un conte de Noël], 2008, d. Arnaud Desplechin, DVD and Blu-ray, 1 December
- Gimme Shelter, 1970, d. Albert Maysles, David Maysles, Charlotte Zwerin, Blu-ray, 1 December

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