25 January 2009


I wasn't sure if I was going to continue my annual Fin de cinema awards, but with the Oscars looking to be a bore-and-a-half, I've decided that I will. Look for them in the next coming weeks when I hand out the coveted "Macy Gray Award," as well as the "Vincent Gallo Award." I haven't even rounded up the nominees yet, but as soon as my nose quits feeling like Steve Nicks' circa 1977, I'll be on it. As for last year's big winners, you can revisit them here. You can also check out Reverse Shot's Two Cents for 2008, which is rather similar to my own awards. They're on target with most of their mentions, especially poor Rosario Dawson and their blasts on I've Loved You So Long and Natalie Portman (although I think they're completely offbase on The Edge of Heaven...).

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