27 January 2009

Because pedophiles love children...

I just rewatched all of Todd Solondz's films, for better or worse, over the past week, and though I posted about his new film's cast earlier and that it was an intended sequel to Happiness, I was unaware that Forgiveness will also feature all of the same characters, played by new actors. This is what the IMDb lists:

Shirley Henderson as Joy (Jane Adams)
Ally Sheedy as Helen (Lara Flynn Boyle)
Allison Janney as Trish (Cynthia Stevenson)
Ciarán Hinds as Bill (Dylan Baker)
Michael K. Williams as Allen (Philip Seymour Hoffman) !!!
Paul Reubens as Andy (Jon Lovitz) !!!!
Renée Taylor as Mona (Louise Lasser)
Chane't Johnson as Kristina (Camryn Manheim)

It looks like Ben Gazzara's character Lenny won't be in it and that Charlotte Rampling and Gaby Hoffmann will be playing new characters (the kids are all different too, by the way) and Paris Hilton doesn't have a character name listed yet. I can only hope that Forgiveness is Happiness good and not Palindromes bad. Look for it to open at one of the big film festivals later this year, and I'll be writing more about revisiting Solondz's films later on.


Blake Williams said...

hey! I liked Palimdromes more than Happiness. Well, I remember laughing at it a lot, I can't remember if it was bad good or good.

reassurance said...

I just re-watched it last night and hated nearly every minute of it. I'm going to write about all of his films in the next week or so, as soon as I get rid of my sinus problem.

neuroglyphix said...

theses casting decisions are insane(ly interesting).

FYI: Rivette pillowtalk is the cutest thing i've heard all week, bar nun.

Renato Oliveira said...

I love so much this film!!! Todd is great!