22 January 2009

Oscar Noms 2009

Oh my! Where did The Reader come from? The Oscar nominations were announced a few minutes ago... without Sally Hawkins, without Woody Allen, without Jenny Lumet, without Revolutionary Road (!!!) and without a Best Picture nod for The Dark Knight, with the surprise nominee The Reader taking its place. Surprises (sort of): Richard Jenkins for The Visitor, Michael Shannon in Revolutionary Road, Melissa Leo for Frozen River. I'm sure you'll be able to find the big list around the Internet.

Thanks to Peter Knegt, here are the big awards.


Unknown said...

I don't mind The Dark Knight's absence, and I haven't seen The Reader. I'm upset that Michelle Williams was left out of the actress race, and about Kaufman's snub from Original Screenplay. I'm surprised by Springsteen being left out, but I thought it was just an okay song anyway. Benjamin Button getting 13 noms makes me feel better about all of this, though, as it proves the academy's uselessness and poor taste more than any snub does.

neuroglyphix said...

Eww. The Oscar list this year is gross.
Still, I'm going to go ahead & make a few generic predictions:

WALL*E gets Best Animated.

Waltz with Bashir gets Best Foreign.

Benjamin Button gets Best Editing/Visual Effects.

The Duchess = Best Costume Design, because if its not 100+ years old they can't look at it objectively.

Heath Ledger wins Best Supporting & they have some pre-planned retrospective, primarily consisting of Brokeback stills.

Penelope Cruz wins Best Supporting, looks stunning in what she's wearing, & relative to others her zesty freespiritedness makes it look like she takes the whole thing as a joke when she accepts the award. Wishful thinking.

Milk gets Best Picture because the Academy likes making political statements & sees their window of opportune a la 'yes we can'.

I do not plan to watch the ceremony.
And I still haven't gone to see Milk yet
(all other nominees I'll wait for DVD).