11 January 2009

Christ on a Cross, This Better Be Good!

Thank you IndieWire for the reminder! I had almost forgot that Lee Daniels, director of one of the most wonderful/awful films of the past few years Shadowboxer, is at it again! And with the article subtitle "Education, 300lb Black Girl and Human Carnage," how can I not hope for the best/worst! Apparently no one respectable owed Daniels any favors (Helen Mirren, I'm looking at you), so for Push he's enlisted a cast of "actors" ripe for disaster. First off, you got Mariah Carey; no elaboration needed. Then you can have a dose of Mo'Nique (left over from playing Joseph Gordon-Levitt's crackhead girlfriend in Shadowboxer and probably one of the least funny comediennes you'll ever encounter), Sherri "I Don't Know If the World Is Flat" Shepherd and Lenny Kravitz in his acting debut. The lead character's name is Precious Jones (wonderful!) which, of course, recalls another Precious that I hold so dearly. You lucky few that are going to Sundance better bring the full report, as I think this is the only film playing this year that I have any prior interest in seeing.

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-Mike said...

NOT to be confused with the comic book-ish movie called Push (with Dakota Fanning and Chris Evans) being dumped in February.