02 August 2006

Light Showers

Cold Showers (Douches froides) - dir. Antony Cordier - 2005 - France

Alternately banal and curiously pervy, Douches froides examines a teenage love triangle (we love those, don't we?) between a poor judo champion Clément (Pierre Perrier), his edgy, tattooed girlfriend Vanessa (Salomé Stévenin), and a richboy Mickael (Johan Libéreau). Teenage jealousy and classism expose themselves as the film progresses, but not without numerous naked boy locker room shots and a sleazy threesome on the gym floor. First-time director Cordier strives for truth through realism, but are we to really buy this when accompanied by ripped abs, attractive faces, arty sex scenes, fluffed dicks, and a bizarre classroom scene where Vanessa analyzes the lyrics of PJ Harvey's "Meet Ze Monsta" as the class assignment? I'm gunna say no.

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