07 March 2009

S'more DVD Updates

Kino announced two more titles. Amos Gitai's One Day You'll Understand [Plus tard tu comprendras], starring Jeanne Moreau, Hippolyte Girardot and Emmanuelle Devos, will be out on the 2nd, and Erwin Wagenhofer's We Feed the World for 19 May. And Universal... I don't like what you're up to. First, We're Back: A Dinosaur's Story and now Pufnstuf, set for 19 May!? I see where you're priorities lie. The Weinstein Company announced that long-on-the-shelf Killshot, which stars Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Thomas Jane and Rosario Dawson, for a 26 May DVD release (after a brief theatrical run earlier this year). Gee, the director of Shakespeare in Love has come so far! And finally, Axiom Pictures in the UK have set a new date for Jean-Claude Brisseau's À l'aventure for 25 May. À l'aventure will be released by IFC later this year.

And here are the Ryko titles for June: Robert Hartford-Davis' Black Torment (aka Estate of Insanity) from Redemption, Lucio Fulci's Door Into Silence [Le porte del silenzio] from Severin, three films from Giuseppe Andrews (In Our Garden, The Date Movie, Air Conditioning) from Troma, Joe D'Amato's Horrible [Rosso sangue] from MYA, Sergio Martino's The Island of the Fishmen [L'isola degli uomini pesce] from MYA, Stephen C. Apostolof's Lady Godiva Rides from S'more, Akio Jissoji's Marquis de Sade's Properties of Vice from Mondo Macabre, Mario Imperoli's Monika [La ragazzina] from MYA, Norman J. Warren's Prey (aka Alien Prey) from Redemption, Umberto Lenzi's So Sweet... So Perverse [Così dolce... così perversa] from Midnight Choir, Elliott Hung's They Call Me Bruce? from Liberation, Bong Joon-ho, Leos Carax and Michel Gondry's Tokyo! from Liberation, Alfredo Sternheim's Violence and Flesh [Violência na Carne] from Impulse. All street on 30 June.

Via IndieWire, The Cinema Guild will start their own DVD label, after New Yorker Films (who had released most of their titles recently) closed up shop. So, it looks like both Christian Petzold's Yella and Alexandr Sokurov's Alexandra have not been cancelled. Yella streets on 31 March, Alexandra on 28 April.

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