26 January 2006

The Heart Isn't the Only Thing Deceitful

Since I've gotten some messages about The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things from my list of DVDs of the week, I thought I might post some more information about the whole hoax.

Check this article

I can't figure out if Palm was waiting for all the shit to hit the fan to release Asia Argento's adaptation, or whether this just happens to be oddly-timed. Will it help the film? Perhaps it might draw people to see it. But perhaps it also might make a mockery of the subject-matter itself. While I was never particularly fond of the book, the subject of child molestation never makes for a good time. Though maybe a film about the hoax itself is on its way. After all, "JT" did fool a lot of people -- including Dennis Cooper -- but the article never mentions Ms. Argento, whom I have a shameless obsession with, so maybe she's in on the whole sham.


Anonymous said...

I think only James Frey has to be worried of being a joke. JT Leroy's book, even though he is just a persona, was never purported to be a memoir or truth and lots of it is fantastical. It was taking the "pen name" to a whole new level. They are good stories that stand fine on thier own but it becomes a horrible fraud when you push these stories as truth when you have other options such as Frey did.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when the movie is coming to St.Louis? I've been looking everywhere for information about it, but can't find anything. I really love the book. I wish I could afford to go to New York to see the movie.