26 May 2009

Nevermind, The African Queen ain't coming this fall

Via Eric, just as quickly as Paramount announced the long-fucking-overdue release of John Huston's Oscar-winning The African Queen, they've taken that announcement back. Sorry for the confusion, though I think Paramount should be the ones apologizing.


-Mike said...

They're taking their time digitally replacing Hepburn with Katherine Heigl, alright. Cause really, if you're gonna take so long to release this, at LEAST have it appeal to the youth.

-Mike said...

Miley Cyrus is replacing Bogart, too. It's "edgy" that way.

RC said...

@ -M -- that's pretty funny.

Katherine Heigl star power seems to week --- why not Miley Cyrus playing both characeters it can be "the best of both worlds" (wasn't that the name of her hannah/miley tour?)

Eric said...

I'm surprised they haven't tapped Keanu Reeves to pull an Eddie Murphy and play everybody... oh yeah, because he's doing that already for the upcoming Jekyll & Hyde film.