23 May 2009

Sony Box-Sets, Fall 2009

As of right now, Sony has eight box-sets lined up for this fall. I already mentioned the New Hollywood set, as well as the Sam Fuller one. The other six include 2 Film Noir collections, 2 Screwball Comedy collections, a Rita Hayworth set, and a William Castle Collection. I included the titles for the Fuller and New Hollywood sets as well. Here are the titles (the ones in bold are making their R1 DVD debut):

Film Noir Collection, Volume 1, 3 November
- The Sniper, 1952, d. Edward Dmytryk
- The Big Heat, 1953, d. Fritz Lang, Remastered, w. Glenn Ford, Gloria Grahame, Lee Marvin
- Five Against the House, 1955, d. Phil Karlson, w. Guy Madison, Kim Novak
- The Lineup, 1948, d. Don Siegel, w. Eli Wallach
- Murder by Contract, 1958, d. Irving Lerner

Film Noir Collection, Volume 2, 3 November
- Pushover, 1954, d. Richard Quine, w. Fred MacMurray, Philip Carey, Kim Novak, Dorothy Malone
- Nightfall, 1957, d. Jacques Tourneur, w. Aldo Ray, Anne Bancroft
- The Brothers Rico, 1957, d. Phil Karlson
- City of Fear, 1959, d. Irving Lerner
- In a Lonely Place, 1950, d. Nicholas Ray, Remastered, w. Humphrey Bogart, Gloria Grahame

Rita Hayworth Film Collection, 3 November
- Tonight and Every Night, 1945, d. Victor Saville
- Salome, 1953, d. William Dieterle
- Miss Sadie Thompson, 1953, d. Curtis Bernhardt
- Cover Girl, 1944, d. Charles Vidor
- Gilda, 1946, d. Charles Vidor

William Castle Film Collection, 20 October
- Homicidal, 1961
- Mr. Sardonicus, 1961
- Zotz!, 1962
- The Old Dark House, 1963
- The Tingler, 1959
- 13 Ghosts, 1960
- 13 Frightened Girls!, 1963
- Strait-Jacket, 1964

Sam Fuller Film Collection, 29 September
- The Crimson Kimono, 1959
- Underworld U.S.A., 1961
- Scandal Sheet, 1952

New Hollywood, 15 September
- Drive, He Said, 1971, d. Jack Nicholson, w. Karen Black, Robert Towne, Bruce Dern, Henry Jaglom
- Five Easy Pieces, 1970, d. Bob Rafelson, w. Nicholson
- The King of Marvin Gardens, 1972, d. Rafelson, w. Nicholson, Dern, Ellen Burstyn
- The Last Picture Show, 1971, d. Peter Bogdanovich, w. Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn, Eileen Brennan
- A Safe Place, 1972, d. Henry Jaglom, w. Tuesday Weld, Nicholson, Orson Welles
- Head, 1968, d. Rafelson, w. The Monkees
- Easy Rider, 1969, d. Dennis Hopper, w. Peter Fonda, Hopper

Icons of Screwball Comedy, Volume 1, 4 August
- If You Could Only Cook, 1935, d. William A. Seiter
- Too Many Husbands, 1940, d. Wesley Ruggles
- My Sister Eileen, 1942, d. Alexander Hall
- She Wouldn't Say Yes, 1945, d. Hall
- Ain't Love Cuckoo?, 1946, d. Jules White, short

Icons of Screwball Comedy, Volume 2, 4 August
- Theodora Goes Wild, 1936, d. Richard Boleslawski
- The Doctor Takes a Wife, 1940, d. Alexander Hall
- A Night to Remember, 1943, d. Richard Wallace
- Together Again, 1944, d. Charles Vidor

Some other DVD updates:

- The African Queen, 1951, d. John Huston, Paramount, Centennial Collection, 13 October
- Adventureland, 2009, d. Greg Motolla, Miramax, also Blu-ray, 25 August
- American Son, 2008, d. Neil Abramson, Miramax, 25 August
- The Class [Entre les murs], 2008, d. Laurent Cantet, Sony, also Blu-ray, 11 August
- Paris 36 [Faubourg 36], 2008, d. Christophe Barratier, Sony, 11 August
- Absurdistan, 2008, d. Veit Helmer, First Run, 18 August


filmbo said...

It looks like there might also be a Japanese sci-fi box set from Sony as well, I don't have any decent links though.

reassurance said...

Actually, you're right. I had misread that it was a sci-fi box set that was being released in Japan.

It has the titles:

MothraThe H-ManBattle in Outer SpaceThey're all from director Ishirô Honda, who directed a bunch of Godzilla films as well as serving as an uncredited co-director on Akira Kurosawa's Dreams.