23 December 2009

Another Quick DVD Update

I didn't notice anything worth mentioning on the Blu-ray horizon (as usual), so here are some newly announced titles, three noir box sets and a couple of new titles in the Warner Archive.

- The Films of Amos Gitai [ Kadosh / Kippur / Kedma / Alila / Devarim / Yom Yom], 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 1995, 1998, d. Amos Gitai, Kino, 23 February
- The Informant!, 2009, d. Steven Soderbergh, also on Blu-ray, Warner, 23 February
- Soo, 2007, d. Sai Yoichi, Virgil Films, 23 February
- The Baby Formula, 2008, d. Alison Reid, Wolfe, 9 March
- Breaking Bad, Season 2, 2009, also on Blu-ray, Sony, 9 March
- Wonderful World, 2009, d. Joshua Goldin, also on Blu-ray, Magnolia, 16 March, w. Matthew Broderick, Sanaa Lathan, Michael Kenneth Williams, Philip Baker Hall
- Heinrich Himmler: Anatomy of a Mass Murderer [Heinrich Himmler: Aus dem Leben eines Massenmörders], 2008, d. Michael Kloft, First Run, 23 March
- The Statue, 1971, d. Rodney Amateau, Code Red, 23 March
- Ex Drummer, 2007, d. Koen Mortier, Palisades Tartan, 20 April
- Disgrace, 2008, d. Steve Jacobs, also on Blu-ray, Image, 27 April
- Veronica Decides to Die, 2009, d. Emily Young, First Look, 27 April, w. Sarah Michelle Gellar

Bad Girls of Film Noir, Vol. 1, Sony, 9 February
- The Killer That Stalked New York [aka Frightened City], 1950, d. Earl McEvoy
- Two of a Kind, 1951, d. Henry Levin
- Bad for Each Other, 1953, d. Irving Rapper, w. Charlton Heston
- The Glass Wall, 1953, d. Maxwell Shane, w. Vittorio Gassman

Bad Girls of Film Noir, Vol. 2, Sony, 9 February
- Night Editor, 1946, d. Henry Levin
- One Girl's Confession, 1953, d. Hugo Haas
- Women's Prison, 1955, d. Lewis Seiler, w. Ida Lupino
- Over-Exposed, 1956, d. Lewis Seiler, w. Richard Crenna

British Film Noir Double Feature, VCI, 23 February
- Twilight Women [aka Women of Twilight], 1952, d. Gordon Parry
- The Slasher [aka Cosh Boy], 1953, d. Lewis Gilbert, w. Joan Collins

New Additions to the Warner Archive
- The Boy with Green Hair, 1948, d. Joseph Losey
- The Canterville Ghost, 1944, d. Jules Dassin, Norman Z. McLeod, w. Charles Laughton
- The Enchanted Cottage, 1945, d. John Cromwell
- The Happy Years, 1950, d. William A. Wellman, w. Dean Stockwell
- Hard, Fast and Beautiful, 1951, d. Ida Lupino
- The Hollywood Revue of 1929, 1929, d. Charles Reisner, w. Buster Keaton, Joan Crawford, John Gilbert, Marion Davies, Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy
- Sally, 1929, d. John Francis Dillon
- Show Girl in Hollywood, 1930, d. Mervyn LeRoy
- The Strange Love of Molly Louvain, 1932, d. Michael Curtiz
- Untamed Youth, 1957, d. Howard W. Koch, w. Mamie Van Doren

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