26 December 2009

Now It's Dark

As promised, I'm about to begin posting my 100 Best Films of the '00s. It feels strange to be closing out something you've been working toward for nearly ten months, but I'm pretty sure if I spend any more time on something as unimportant as a hierarchical list of films I happen to have seen that were released within a ten year window, I might drive myself crazy(ier). As I didn't plan the list beforehand, a (surprisingly large) number of the films I've written about previously didn't make the final 100, but I've linked to them on the side. It's also unfortunate how many of the films I haven't gotten a chance to write more extensively on, but I guess I didn't plan on being so totally wiped out by the time I came to this date. I couldn't begin to list all the films I didn't get around to watching as that list would go on forever. I may take a break from the blog after this, or I might not... I don't know. Hopefully though, I will get around to writing more about the films I didn't get a chance to in the next couple of weeks. And we're off...

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