15 December 2009

It's like the DVD release of The African Queen

As expected, things are not moving as quickly as I might have liked for the Decade List's proceedings... so with a heavy heart, I'm pushing the due date back to either the 24th or 26th of December to allow more time to get some writing in. A couple of last minute deadlines hit me that directly interfered with getting everything generally wrapped up by the 20th, but believe me, it will be completed! There is, sadly, a chance that once the list comes out (I'm thinking of ranking 100, just 'cos people pay more attention when there are numbers attributed). And, yes, it was probably a mistake to save some of the high-rankers for last, as I wanted to evoke some element of surprise but also include a longer piece on each. Whoops. Expect some smaller entries, whose word count isn't necessarily indicative of their lack of importance as much as my shortage of time. Wish me luck as I barrel toward the conclusion of this long process and take my advice in appreciating the beauty of lowering one's own personal expectations.


Jordany said...

Bonne chance!
I eagerly wait to see the list which you have spent so much of your time on. I'm sure it will be the best list yet. But, of course, my opinion is biased since I absolutely adore you! :)

I have a feeling it will reek of that crazy hyena Argento (slightly hinted by that screenshot from Boarding Gate). I found a really good screenshot of her in Boarding Gate the other day: http://www.toutlecine.com/images/star/0025/00250051-asia-argento.html

reassurance said...

Thanks, Jordany!

I'm pretty sure that's a screenshot of Ms Argento in De la guerre though.

And the way things are looking, you can expect 5 (!) more appearances from Argento on the Decade List.

Jordany said...

No, I meant image 26. I thought it was linked to the image, but it refreshes. I think I would have recognized the difference Joe!

5! I'm very pleased to hear that! I knew you would not disappoint ;).