03 December 2009

More Pansexual, Vaguely Sci-fi/Apocalyptic Teen Angst from Gregg Araki

I've concerned myself so much with the past ten years that I forgot 2010 is upon us, and I haven't even looked into which of my favorite filmmakers have stuff in the can... but browsing French distribution company Wild Bunch's website I uncovered that, lo and behold, after three years, Gregg Araki will have a new film out. Eric at Ioncinema listed Araki's Kaboom under his predictions for the upcoming Sundance Film Festival. Though Mysterious Skin made its world premiere at Sundance, it hit Sundance a few months later, so unless the film isn't totally ready, it'd surprising if Kaboom didn't show up there. College-age bisexuality and science-fiction elements suggest an extension of Nowhere, which as you know is fine by me, but Wild Bunch describes it as "Twin Peaks for the Coachella Generation" (I've never heard that description before). Thomas Dekker (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Heroes) will play the James Duval antihero, though Duval will also show up as "The Messiah," as he's credited on the IMDb. Kelly Lynch (overdue for a comeback), Roxane Mesquida (Fat Girl) and Juno Temple (daughter of Julien). Here's to my most anticipated film of '10!


iheartsubtitles said...

Looks like Cannes is the best bet. They showed Smiley Face there.

reassurance said...

It played at Sundance too though. Is it for sure not going to be there in January? I saw a list of films premiering there, but none of them really piqued my interest in any way... so I didn't post anything about it.

reassurance said...

Nevermind! Just saw all the titles. No Araki. Berlin or Cannes, I guess.