24 December 2009

Ticking Clocks

The time is nearly here for me to "put a ring on" the Decade List. On 26 December, it'll go up, but as this last stretch of weeks has proven to be less productive than I had hoped, not all of the 100 will be properly annotated (and some of the films that appear in the column to the left won't even crack the 100). I started off with a rough list of the films I saw and remembered fondly in addition to a number of ones I hadn't yet seen and felt like essential films to the '00s. Instead of making a list to begin with, I just started writing... and some of the ones I've written about (sorry, Citizen Toxie) will likely be edged out by Saturday. I've also gotten a couple more of my friends' lists to publish, which will go up beforehand. I appreciate the support I've gotten from a number of folks, and I hope the outcome of ten or so months work hasn't been a total waste.

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